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My Favorite Places to Shop for Furniture and Home Decor in Germany

As a Military spouse, we move often. With every move comes the tasks of finding my go-to places for everything from groceries to doctors to home decor and furniture. When moving in the states, this is fairly easy to do. Tracking down a local Target or HomeGoods is not a difficult task and many of us have these retailers on our list of go-to places to shop for home decor, furniture and even groceries. When moving overseas for an assignment, these retailers do not exist, and it was a bit more challenging to find my go-to shops for home decorations. Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of my absolute favorite places to shop for furniture and home decor in Germany.

For locals living in Stuttgart, Germany.. who prefer in person shopping, here are a few of my favorite places to shop.


This store really gives off a Target meets Boutique vibe. With reasonable pricing and a selection of home decor, a large assortment of kitchen items including plates, serving items and utensils, as well as faux florals, a kids section and so much more. They even have furniture available and again, at a very affordable price.

If you are local to Stuttgart, the downtown location on Konigstrasse is by far the best location to shop in person. I recommend traveling by train, however, there is a parking garage that fits larger vehicles just around the corner.

If driving downtown or taking the train make you nervous, try the location at Breuningerland. The selection is much smaller but still a great spot to try!


If you're downtown at Depot.. pop over to Butlers just a quick five minute walk away! This is another home decor store which offers a variety, including pillows, faux florals and even some party accessories. This is a much smaller store, but it also gives some Target vibes.

Merz & Benzing

Another downtown spot, this one is definitely a bit pricier. I stumbled upon this shop while at the Stuttgart Markethalle, which is you haven't been I highly recommend a pit stop for a sweet treat and some fresh produce..

Merz and Benzing offers a great selection of higher end decor and items such as coffee table books. They do have furniture and an ADORABLE kids section as well. Even if you aren't in the market for anything in-particular, I highly recommend a stop at this shop for some home decor inspiration.

For those who don't mind a quick drive into France, here are my top shops to source furniture and decorations just across the border.

Maison Du Monde

Variety and a huge selection. This store is a must shop. Whether your style is boho or traditional or modern, they really have something for pretty much everyone. Online is obviously a much larger selection than in store, as is the case pretty much anywhere you shop, so don't be discouraged if you don't find exactly what you're looking for in person. Check them out online or pop in for a visit when you're in France next.


I actually stumbled upon this store in Belgium, and instantly fell in love with some outdoor chairs they were offering at a fraction of the price of some of our US retailers like CB2. I highly recommend giving them a chance whether your in country or shopping online, although when I looked to purchase online they didn't seem as shipping friendly as I would like. Furniture, decor and more, CASA is another great option to check out if you're looking.

For all my readers who just want to shop online, here are my absolute favorite places to order from.


This was one of the very first retailers I ordered from after moving to Germany. I placed an order for twelve dining chairs the day we moved into our apartment on base. To my surprise, my order was delivered to my door just three days later. For those of you who live on base, you know this is a huge win. I have been a frequent shopper here since, ordering everything from pillows to furniture and even holiday decor.

Kave Home

Before you head to this site, be aware, they can definitely be on the pricier side.. and for good reason. Kave Home has a beautiful selection of furniture and decor, and even a kids selection that is to die for. While the accessories and decor can be more affordable, the furniture is more West Elm pricing and less of a Target vibe.

I hope that these recommendations might help you find some confidence with shopping in Germany at places other than your PX or Ikea! If you've looked and you're still feeling stuck with your design project, I am just a click away.


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